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"So far we have gone through a package of the Original Beef Jerky. My toddler could not get enough of it! We had to hide the package from her. :-)

I really liked how we could give her small pieces that she can chew. We had been getting some of the more dried-out versions that are more chewy. Those are like choking hazards. We are working to convert my 5-year-old daughter since she won't try it because it is not dry. But she is just stubborn. Will keep you posted on the other flavors."

Lauren - New York Mom and New Customer

I'm so glad I found Grass Run Farms.  The ribeyes and hot dogs are simply outstanding.

Convenience of online ordering, fair prices and quick delivery have made me a very loyal customer!

And I feel good knowing I am supporting farmers who care about doing what is right for the land, animals and people.

Susan -- New Customer/Iowa
Trademarks? Check.
'Grass Run Farms' and our awesome cow logo (thanks, Triangle Park Creative) are now registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.Soon, you'll be seeing the '®' with our artwork, instead of the ™ symbol, which signifies an application in process.Of course, like any legal filing, a trademark is only as good as...
GRF Awarded a 2011 Value-Added Producer Grant
Good news!We've been awarded our second Value-Added Producer Grant by the US Dept of Agriculture - Rural Development, and this time we'll use it to launch several fully cooked, grab-and-go items such as smoked beef brisket in barbecue sauce and -- get this -- beef bacon. Yum.So check out
Now that's a steak, baby.
We often get asked, "How should I cook this thing?"And I don't blame you -- if you've invested in a high-quality product like our 100% grass fed beef, you deserve some measure of assurance that you'll be able to cook it properly and enjoy it.Here are some basic guidelines for...