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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Your Meat CSA...has greatly increased the quality of my life.

I hadn't realized the vast difference in quality that grass-fed would make. I knew there was a difference, but wow!

Also, all bacon in my life before the CSA box was like a iridescent light in the darkness. Awesome, for sure, but then I saw the sun and the bulb, well, just doesn't cut in anymore.

So thank you for the CSA box this year. I'll be getting one again next year and I have a few friends who have been asking about it. The quality speaks for itself, and knowing it is how animals should be raised makes it certain I'll be getting my meat from you for as long as I can.

Sarah -- CSA Member/Minneapolis

Mississippi Market has worked with GRF weekly for more than two years, and they played a pivotal role in the success of our new store's meat department.

GRF's....products appeal to the consumer who wants healthful, easy-to-prepare meats, a strong percentage of our store's clientele.

Increased business by GRF also strengthens our local food economy, which is central to our store's mission.

Gabe -- Meat Manager/Minneapolis
Trademarks? Check.
'Grass Run Farms' and our awesome cow logo (thanks, Triangle Park Creative) are now registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.Soon, you'll be seeing the '®' with our artwork, instead of the ™ symbol, which signifies an application in process.Of course, like any legal filing, a trademark is only as good as...
GRF Awarded a 2011 Value-Added Producer Grant
Good news!We've been awarded our second Value-Added Producer Grant by the US Dept of Agriculture - Rural Development, and this time we'll use it to launch several fully cooked, grab-and-go items such as smoked beef brisket in barbecue sauce and -- get this -- beef bacon. Yum.So check out
Now that's a steak, baby.
We often get asked, "How should I cook this thing?"And I don't blame you -- if you've invested in a high-quality product like our 100% grass fed beef, you deserve some measure of assurance that you'll be able to cook it properly and enjoy it.Here are some basic guidelines for...